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Production Capabilities

At Premier Fasteners, we constantly strive to increase our capabilities and provide unsurpassed quality and service to our customers. We are capable of manufacturing whole range of cold formed and screw machined products, as well as performing secondary operations.


Standards refered: ASME/ANSI; BS; DIN; ISO; JIS; SAE


Styles range from semi tubular and simple rivets to highly complex parts incorporating multiple diameters and other special features like half round, square shape with partial and through holes.

  • Cold formed/ Cold headed parts

    • Threaded fasteners

      • Standard: Metric M1.6 to M12 including different pitch sizes as required.

      • Bolts Types : Weld studs; Flange Bolts; Hexagon Bolts; Shoulder Bolts; Square Head Bolts; T-Head Bolts; Weld studs ,Clinch studs.

      • Screw Head Styles : Slotted, Phillips, Hex Washer; 6-Lobe,Hex Sockets, Combo Slotted/Phillips, Square, Square Combo. 6-lobe Combo.

    • Rivets & other cold formed parts

      • Diameter: 1/16” to 1.000"

      • Length: up to 6.5" depending on diameter.

  • Screw machine components

    • Equipment: Davenport Screw Machines with capacity 1/8” to 7/8” diameter and 2-1/2” length.

    • Acme Gridley machines with capacity 1/8” to 1-1/2” diameter and 7” length.

    • Machined components range from simple rivets to highly complex parts incorporating multiple diameters and other special features.

  • Secondary operations

    • Secondary capabilities include shaving, drilling, tapping, knurling, thread-rolling, broaching with capability to arrange wide variety of heat treating and finish requirements to provide corrosion resistance, technical and cosmetic appearance to suit required applications from other sources at reasonable price.

  • Materials processed

    • Low carbon (1006, 1010, 1018, 1022)

    • Stainless (302ss, 316ss, 410ss, 430ss)

    • Alloy Steel (4037, 4140 ), Brass (Alloy 260), Aluminum (2024, 5056, 6061, 7075) Copper​

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